The Glass World started its journey in 2008 by establishing Glass Trading Business and become No 1 Brand in Glass Trading Company Nationwide.  

To facilitate our customers, a state of the art Glass World Innovations was established in 2017 and offered value addition services in the field of Glass by Computerized Cutting, Tempering, Drilling, Rough Grinding, Flat Edging, Double Glazing and involved in processing glass, integrated glass solutions to its extensive network of client. GWI ensures the accurate fabrications of every order with respect of the internationally accepted quality control standards.

· A full line of value-added glass under the same roof.

· A team of qualified and experienced experts.

· A company at our service for over 10 years.

Why Customers' First Preference ?

Because of Our Strength!

Our production facility is equipped with machinery that is ahead of its time. The main processing machines such as the

· Automatic CNC cutting line (Vetromac Italy).

· Tempering (Landglass, European Technology).

· Insulating or Double Glazing (Weili, China ).

· Horizontal Washing And Drying Machine (GTA,  Germany).

· Glass Edging Machinery (Enkong, China).

· Glass Drilling Machinery (Schraml, USA).

We Are capable to process every type of glass, Clear colour coated low E and all special coated from the world best manufacturer.


With our wide range of float glass cutting system, CNC glass cutting machinery SL40-26VETROMAN a well reputed reliable brand of the world which performs better and last longer because every single part is designed with 3D CAD technology, processed by CAD CAM and machine with a CNC working center. Also we are the pioneer of bringing and utilizing that technology in Pakistan.


Tempered glass is approximately 10 times stronger than annealed glass of the respective thickness. Under impact, it shatters into small fragments that are not sharp, minimizing the risk of serious injury. Our Tempered glass machinery is land glass jet convection F&B Bi-directional Tempering Furanac which has certification by TUV, Germany. Which can Tempered online & Off line (E = 0.02) Glass.


Architecture Had never been so daring in recent times. GWI- Realizes the unlimited potential of curved glass in today’s industry and provides assistance and advice to architects, designers and developers on tapping the beauty and excitement of curved glass in their projects.


Double Glazed glass is also known as insulated glass. Insulated glass is a hermetically sealed assembly of two or three layers of glass separated by a space of dehydrated aor. Sealed units can increase the energy performance of a building’s windows to reduce heating cooling costs.

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